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Vintage Persian Sarouk Circa 1930

Vintage Persian Sarouk Circa 1930

Rug # 536575

Size: 7'0 X 10'9"

Quick Overview

Vintage Persian Sarouk Circa 1930


The vintage rugs of Sarouk, from the Arak province town of that name and surrounding villages, were created to satisfy American demand for a very thick, dense, very long wearing carpet with enough oriental touches to make them instantly identifiable. The wool is amazingly good and the dyes, although in a relatively narrow range, are warm and inviting. It never goes out of style, works with any décor, lasts forever, is not ultra-expensive. What’s not to like?

Additional Information

Color Ground Red
Color Border Blue
Color Group Reds
Material Wool
Weave Genuine Hand Woven Luxury
Rug Type Sarouk