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Vintage Caucasian Rug Circa 1920

Vintage Caucasian Rug Circa 1920

Rug # 537615

Size: 4'2" X 5'8"

Quick Overview

Vintage Caucasian Rug Circa 1920


These types of antique Caucasian rugs were woven in the eastern part of the region, mostly along the west coast of the Caspian Sea. They display intricate designs, often in prayer (niche) formats; shorter, often velvety piles; complex color palettes; and relatively fine weaves. Their design complexity rivals the best antique Persian tribal rugs.

Additional Information

Origin Russia
Color Ground Ivory
Color Border Multi
Color Group Ivories-Creams-Beige
Material Wool
Weave Genuine Hand Woven Luxury
Rug Type Caucasian