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Size: 11'x16'


The rich history of handmade French Savonnerie Carpets started in the 1600s, where production began at the behest of Henry IV, upon establishing artisan workshops in the Louvre. Savonnerie carpets weaving was moved to workshops outside Paris, in an abandoned soap factory, hence the name "Savonnerie"was born. The earliest production of Savonneries were referred to as "Louis XIII carpets", with traits similar to carpets from the orient. Savonnerie rugs were woven exclusively for palaces, with production directed by top artists of the royal courts! As each new king came to power, carpet designs would mirror their artistic expressions. The period of greatness for Savonnerie flourished between 1650 and 1789. During the French Revolution, manufacturing of Savonnerie moved to the prestigious Gobelins factory in Paris, a royal weaving center for tapestries, renowned worldwide, for it's quality. Many of these original period works are on display at fine museums or in the hands of private collectors worldwide. Today, skilled weavers use the same techniques used by the revered craftsmen of France. Woven in China under the supervision of French artisans these magnificent carpets are recreated down to the last detail. Each Savonnerie rug is painstakingly hand knotted utilizing the finest Dyes & wools on a cotton foundation in the historic Savonnerie tradition.

Additional Information

Origin China
Color Ground Beige
Color Border Gold
Color Group Ivories-Creams-Beige
Size Category Oversized Rugs
Material Wool
Weave Genuine Hand Woven Luxury
Rug Type Aubusson-Savonnerie
SKU 545939