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Antique Tekke Bokhara Circa 1890

Antique Tekke Bokhara Circa 1890

Rug # 535695

Size: 4'2" X 8'1"

Quick Overview

Antique Tekke Bokhara Circa 1890


Bokara or Bokhara rugs are named after the city where they were sold. These rugs were made by Turkoman tribes, and these weavers gave the rug its distinctive design. At the end of the 20th century, carpet weaving in Turkmenistan had become one of the most important sectors of the economy. Red, in various shades is the color they are known for together with their fine and silky weave. These famous Bokhara designs have been copied over the years by weavers in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Tekke The most important of the Turkoman tribes in the nineteenth century was the Tekke and the Gul’s also known as the elephant footprint are normally the main design.

Additional Information

Origin Afghanistan
Color Ground Red
Color Border Red
Color Group Reds
Size Category 5 X 8
Material Wool
Weave Genuine Hand Woven Luxury
Rug Type Bokhara