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Antique Indian Agra  Rug Circa 1890

Antique Indian Agra Rug Circa 1890

Rug # 364512

Size: 14'3" X 15'9"

Quick Overview

Antique Agra Rug Circa 1890.Red/Red


The distinctive red ground filled to overflowing with a profusion of floral motifs which blend into the border, which itself is so cleverly encompassed by two minor guard borders to create a true work of art. During much of the history of the Mongol Empire, Agra was its capital city. Architects and artisans, including many carpet weavers, were brought here from all over the Muslim world to enhance the city’s beauty.

Additional Information

Origin India
Color Ground Red
Color Border Red
Color Group Reds
Size Category 12 X 15
Material Wool
Weave Genuine Hand Woven Luxury
Rug Type Agra- Amritsar